Well made it to Wanaka… just about. Appart from my board bag being stuck at in the USA because they forgot to put it on the plane everything is fine. Myself, mike (my ex-housemate) and Matt (a mate from work) left heathrow 5pm on thursday and eventually got to Wanaka 38hours later, the hardest thing was saying goodbye to Ces… We had a couple of delays but nothing major, the only little scary bit was coming into Queenstown. We were sitting next to a new zealand pilot and he was saying that landing at Queenstown airport was the most difficult in the world, which I thought hong kong was, but no… queenstown is the worst. Your flight path has to be very accurate as you negotiate mountains and hills either site of you and evil cross winds, it was touch and go if we were even going to be able to land as it was snowing at the airport. If we had diverted it would have been another 3 hours added to our journey.

We are staying at mountain view backpackers in Wanaka, not many people there at the moment just a load of snowboard/ski freaks looking for accomodation for the season, we have met chole who is also doing the snowboard instructors course with Rookie who is also saying at mountain view.

Well we lost at the rugby… boy has everyone been rubbing it in here!! Anyway until the next blog! 🙂


Hopefully our board bags will turn up later on today but at the moment we are just hanging out in Wanaka and soaking up the views. Everywhere you look there are mountains.

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