Yupiee ma missing board board turned up so no need to buy a load of kit 🙁 … 🙂 Slowly more Rookies have been turning up there is about 7 of us now with another 33 to come! its gonna be busy. Were still in the mountain view backpackers until thursday when we move into our proper accomodation which I have been reliably informed is 10mins walk away from the centre of Wanaka. We’re probably going to Cardrona tommorow for a bit of snowboarding, we will be mainly snowboarding on Tripple Cone mountain but its currently closed due to lack of snow but is expected to be open in the next couple of days.

Everyone has still been taking the mic on the rugby! .. oh and we had our first experience of the “small town” yesterday. Mike got asked for ID at the irish bar in the high street and that they only except passports. Mike took a bit offence and left, then in the even we were sitting down for a meal at a local restaurant and the manager came over and asked mike for ID :)))) … it was a classic, the manager had been told about the irish bar incident earlier on in the day… moral of the story… news spreads fast in a small town and Mike has sure made an enturance 🙂

Hopefully have some pics tommorow, trying to get a small vid together too…

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