First day of my trainee instructor week! As we have been with the NZSIA instructors last week our stance and riding has got a lot better. Tom’s out BASI instructor and today he’s been going throught he BASI central theme (Steering, Control, Adjustments, Body Management) looked at mountain hazards and did a mock accident (what you have to do etc).

Oh yes and I fell asleep on the coach home and someone took a photo… maybe it will appear on the blog tommorow… you never know šŸ™‚ … at least it snowed a bit today but most of the day there was quite a bit of flat light which made things challenging. The TC pistes have all these natural gullies, half pipes and jumps, its just one massive terrain park.

Mel and Jo (my house mates) who do skiing (boo hiss) are doing their back country course this week so they are sleeping out on the mountain tommorow night (they’ve packed enough food for about 6 weeks tho!). They need to dig a snow hole and sleep in it and during the day are doing avalanche awareness. Hopefully it won’t be too cold as I have to do it in a week or so!

SNOW INFO: Overcast today with about 2cms of snow in the afternoon, about -4 degrees

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