Well today I did my lesson today went ok. Ran out of time and didn’t do a summary. Brook had to do straight running to a group of 8 year olds. So the rest of the group had to pretend to be 8 year olds and we had our own goals that we wanted to do during the lesson. One person wanted just to build snow men, I had to always want to go to the loo, another just wanted to go on a the magic carpet (basically a travator on snow). It was very funny…

Went to my first Swiss Ball class today with Mel and Jen. Kinda strechy! 🙂 good fun tho. Got another 5 sessions to go.

Mel and Jen got back from there night sleeping in there snow hole. Ironically the snow hole was warmer than our house!! (NZ people don’t belive in central heating… or insulation for that matter!). A couple of people got wet while they were making there snow hole so had a cold night, but everyone seems to have had fun. Just a bit chilly if you wanted to go to the loo in the night 🙂

SNOW INFO: Had a dusting of snow last night. A lot of the powder has gone on the main slopes but its not as icy as it has been.

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