Well today we did some work on beyond the central theme, went over bumps and also some different types of excersises we could use for warm ups and streaches. We were then tested on: Basic, Bumps, steeps and piste performance. You need to get a score of around 5 for all these areas to pass your Stage 1 BASI course, most people of 2’s and 3’s, a couple of good people got all 4’s… we’ve still got a lot of work tho. I got 2s and 3s and I really need to work on my carving but so far so good. Tom our examiner/trainer is really good at the teaching of snowboarding and analysis, its been an interesting yet frustrating week in some places.

Yesterday I managed to twist my left thumb… friday I managed to twist my other one and my wrist! Not happy… i’ll take it easy over the weekend and everything should be sorted for monday.

A load of us went to “Star Burgers”, a takeaway burger bar who sell AMAZING burgers!!! if you come to Wanaka this is the place too go! Beef, chicken, fish, bbq burgers every type of burger you can think off.

SNOW INFO: No new snow about 0 degrees temp.

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