Today I was back with Tony one of the examiners (or should I say: AASI-RM Chief Examiner, NZSIA Examiner- Snowboarding Trainer. Only the best at Rookie Academy! :)). I haven’t ridden with Tony for quite a while now so it was really good to get back with him. This week we are doing rider technique and instruction on how to teach the NZSIA progressions. Today was amazingly good for my riding. We worked on the plains of motion and how they interact with the board concepts. IE: The plains of motion are longitudinal (moving fore and aft of the board), lateral (moving over the toe and heal edge), vertical (guess!) and rotational (rotating around), and the board concepts being pivoting the board, tilting the board and rotating the board (I think). Anyway worked on these and how they inter-relate to themselves and did a number of complex exercises to demonstrate this. One of the simplest increased my riding by loads!!! and here it is:

Think of four points one under each toe and each heal edge. If you number them 1 to 4 so that your (if your a regular rider) left toes are 1. Right toes are 2. Left heal is 3 and right heal is 4. The range of movement when making toe side turn would them be 1, 2. Then 3, 4 to go onto your heal edge so your moving your posture/weight/centre of gravity over these points when you move down the mountain.

For me everything became a lot more stable as I was using the entire edge for the duration of the turn. I don’t think Iíve used any fore & aft pressure/weighting before to any great extent to it really did improve my riding. Anyway techno babble over (if you could understand it!).

SNOW INFO: The snow is getting very dodgy. It hasn’t snowed since the 31st and even then only 2cms. BUT itís raining right now down in the valley so we are hoping were going to get at least 3cms up the mountain tomorrow… hereís hoping!!

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