What can I say last night the snow fell, BIG POWDER DAY! by 11am 15cms had fallen in the saddle basin, 10cms in the main basin, and it continued to snow. It was great. Tony took us everywhere, pipetastic! We took an earlyish lunch and finished at around 12:50. We got straight on the main lift up but then it broke down, we were all stuck on the lift for around 45mins. Aventually we got up to the top, and headed over to the saddle for some powder runs but they closed the main lift for the rest of the day. This had quite a good side effect, because everyone had gone to lunch they had got stuck at the bottom of the mountain! So we were over the otherside with a couple of lucky people doing powder run after powder run. It was more or less empty! During the morning it was quite overcast and there was a lot of flat light, but while we were in the saddle things started to clear up and it was just a great afternoon. Our group was the only rookie group that managed to get over to the saddle, boy did we rub it in when we got back 🙂 One 8 week group was with one of the examiners and this particular examiner decided they should be inside to do rider analysis they did 3 runs down the main basin and then got stuck at the bottom on the beginners run!!! boy they were not happy… 3 runs on a big powder day!!!

Got a big poster signed by a load of rookies, boot dryers, a packed lunch made by Jen my housemate, snowboard multi-tool, cards and a chocolate cake. Great day! Snow on my birthday, who would have guessed it! 🙂

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