Today it was pounding down on the mountain. In the morning it was raining on the beginners slope! but snowing everywhere else on the mountain. By lunchtime it snowing hard everywhere… the visability was really bad and at one point I even stopped next to a trainer and his group thinking they were my group.. DOH! anyway all I can say its interesting going off-piste in totally flat light with your goggles steemed up and snow all over them. As I write that it is raining hard outside which should mean its snowing hard on piste so tommorow… SHOULD be a cool powder day. The forcast for the rest of the week is snow and more snow which is great cos we need a bit more!

Today was my first time at a pot noodle for lunch… not bad but had to finished it off with a chocolate cake from the restaurant (well its kinda still my “birthday week” :))

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