Heavy snow and about 2 foot vis… my goggles totally fogged up and I couldn’t see a thing… generally not nice, going off-piste not being able to see a thing is not the best of fun. We did some more rider analysis in the morning and just rode off-piste until we stopped early for a 2hrs on teaching children, which was really interesting. BUT over half a metre of snow fell during the night and day!!! It stopped Sat & Sun during the day but during the night it was heavy snow falling. I took a weekend off this weekend…

Heres some photos from Friday, my board had around 3cms on it when I came out after lunch… 3cms in 1 hr!

One of the new Rookie 4x4s At base camp at TC with Westy one of the coach drivers on the right Some of the EdgeWater Adventures Coaches which take us up the mountain Clearing of the road going back down the mountain

They also opened Matukituki, Magnum and Sundance for the first time on Saturday.

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