Well its been a week since my last post. We’ve been doing mostly rider analysis and learning how to teach (and do) 180 jumps… great fun but my knees are now smegged đŸ™‚ we did some teaching as well, with some real learners rather than teaching on eachother which can get a bit boring sometimes.

Had a reading day today and i’m going up tommorow to practise my demos we have our CSI (NZ Certified Snowsports Instructor) starting wednesday the structure of the exam is as follows:

Day 1
AM: Introduce 4 movements and board performance concepts
PM: Introduce the teaching cycle & Level 1 Progression

Day 2
AM: Rider improvement (focus pedaling+steering)
PM: Introduce class handling/safety & Introduce level two progression
Night Session: Introduce MA formula & Introduce teaching children

Day 3
AM: Rider Improvement (focus pressure + edging)
PM: Introduce guest service elements & Practice teach levels 1 & 2

Day 4
AM: Examiners to present level 1 & 2 model answer
PM: Formal assessment (presentation of one exercise/drill to last approx 10mins)

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