The last two days we have been doing freestyle. Monday morning they got all the snowboard Rookies (8weekers and 13weekers) doing an obstagle course. We had to do 180s, olies, nose rolls etc along the course, duck under some poles, flat land 360s between two polls about the size of our boards… well it was interesting 🙂 after we did it once we split up into groups (about 3 people per trainer) and learn’t how to oli etc properly then came back just before lunch to see if we had improved… i did… a bit 🙂 more practise required tho you have to teach 180s to pass NZ level 1!!

In the afternoon we headed over to the sadle, we had about 2cms fresh snow the night before but it was sticky as anything. The most sticky snow I have ever had. It was like hitting earth every 2 metres or so, was really technical… then today we did a bit more freestyle and we took it in turns to guide our group down the mountain trying a range of different exercises. The afternoon was abandoned by the trainers as it was more or less raining on the mountain (it was definatly raining at base camp) and as our NZ CSI exam starts tommorow we came down and needed to get everything dry in time. Then headed off to the cinema!! 🙂 its an amazing little cinema saw Batman… they have an interval half was through the film and I ordered a really nice pizza and they make really nice cookies during the first half so you can have just baked warm cookies during the second half… anyway then headed back for bed… CSI exam starts tommorow… ARGH! at Cardrona too… i’ve only once been there but its a much easier mountain to ride on than TC.

Wish me luck!! i’m off to bed…

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