ok i’m supposed to teach people to do 180s, 360s, olies, nolies, nose rolls and tail rolls… oh and whats nolie anyway?! 🙂 ok so i’m feeling the pressure, also my last part of my Australia visa came through which means I have to go have a medical (within a month), which also means i’ve had to take a day off snowboarding because the Doc has a day off on Wednesday… the rookie day off!! grrr… anyway I had mon & tue to practise my freestyle elements then I had to mess around in town finding passport photos, photo copies of things etc… There is one pain with having a mountain which is 40mins away, there is only one lift up in the morning and one lift down in the afternoon. If you want to go up or down at any other time you have to hitch which is not too bad, lots of people do it.

Anyway today I headed off to the Doc for my medical in queenstown. It was a lot more basic than I thought… blood test, urine test, answer a couple of questions… open your mouth etc.. oh and a chest x-ray, unfortunatly I have to go back for the results so thats another day off!!!! oh well.. got MA (movement analysis) tommorow and a practise teach. Gonna run through some lesson plans tonight with Mike before I hit the hay…

Mike was telling me about the conditions on the mountain today, he was basically wakeboarding on the beginners slope… hope the snow holds out for the exams! it was a nice 20oC today down in town, I was sun bathing in queenstown.

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