Things are getting a bit dodgy, the mountain is suffering a quite a bit, main street (one of the main runs) is very earthy at the bottom with only a metre gap of snow to get down on. The mountain has been closed for 3 days in the past week and we’ve just been doing more MA and lessons ready for our exam next week. Good news tho its been confirmed that were doing the exam at Treble Cone and not another mountain and we also have 3 extra days training next week which will be good (I need it).

All the skiers passed there exams last week (except one person who didn’t make it, another dropped out before the exams started) so its been a bit of a party atmosphere… they are now starting to concentrate on their BASI exams.

The mountain was closed today so I took the chance to dive over to Queenstown to finish off my medical which I need to do to get my Ozzy visa. Thats been sent off so should get something soon.

Today we got asked to stand by the trainers we wanted to teach us and infact it was quite evenly spread. I choose fatty because he hadn’t trained me for quite a while and he is one of the NZ examiners which is always useful before the NZ level 1 exam 🙂 anyway i’m off to sleep… up the mountain tommorow teaching some friends of Mikals.

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