Been a while since i’ve posted an entry. Well I got back all in one piece. After the Rookies myself and Mikal travelled around South island and up to north island for a couple of weeks to see the sights, originally were we not going to do it but things change :). Mike wanted to stop off in Wellington and Auckland to see what it was like and maybe find work. He did have a bit of a hunt for work but in the end came back so he could get a perm NZ visa. He came back to Ireland and got a interview for a job out in Auckland. The interview was in Guildford so he popped over and stayed with my parents while he had the interview. Anyway cut a long story short he got the job and he starts working in Auckland in January, he’s just waiting on his NZ visa.

Since i’ve been back i’ve been working on the website and producing some promo vids for them using the footage that I got while I was in NZ. I also setup a discussion board for them, which so far hasn’t been used that much, I think mainly because all the ex-rookies from this year have been communicating via mass emails… hey ho, give it time 🙂 Also been getting back into Maya and creating a space station, should have some piccies soon.

I’ve also been working on a Travel website bit like but a bit simpler 🙂 hopefully that will be complete mid-january. I’m also getting a mate to help me out on it.

Just after I came back to the UK, and signed up to a Digital Compositing course at Escape Studios in Shepherds Bush. Now for all those who don’t know what Digital Compositing is… here’s the dictionary definition:

“The digital blending together of a background plate and one or more foreground elements to create one seamless, well-integrated film image”

It starts on January 9th and goes on for 8 weeks, part of which you work on your show reel which ends up being your CV really on how good you are at digital compositing and giving pointers on what to and not to put in your show reel too. I’ve been wanting to get into a more media role for some time to get out of doing constant programming. When I look back on the stuff i’ve done so far i’ve found working for media companies like the BBC or print/design companies more fun! 🙂 Hense doing film & video work over the past couple of years.

Well after 3.5 weeks of filming ‘Harry Potter Goblet of Fire’ they managed to compress my bit into 2minutes… maybe 🙂 which even for a multi $$$ movie is quite amazing, yes they were very tech shots but hey! 🙂 well I supposed i’d better get used to it.

Well Christmas is a coming! so HAPPY CRIMBO EVERYONE!, have a great new year if I don’t see you!

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