Great week compositing! each morning we have been looking at and movie history and how certain films pushed digital compositing up a noch. This morning we saw the great train robbery from 1905 which has one of the first composits, really dodgy but amazing to see. It was basically the inside of a station office with a window with a composited view of a train coming into the platform, for a 1905 silent black and white film it looked quite good! 🙂 filming then went to simple colour correction a few years later with ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’, having each frame coloured in by hand.

Anyway I finished the the first animation piece today but forgot to upload it, so heres the one from end of play thursday, i’ve retimed the camera shake, got rid of the pulsing sun and added a cloud, shadow and a bit of colour correction
Version 2

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