Another day in webland another dollar! or pound. Anyway I was hunting around the net today and Microsoft has released some code!! All the code for Microsoft MechCommander 2, hey its not Windows XP but I think its kinda ground breaking…ish! Its all in C++ but has everything you need to get it working. If anyones interested in game programming tis great! The game came out in 2001 but its basically a demo for XNA from what I understand..

The 2006 Jolt awards are out. Microsoft won the best development environment for Visual Studio Team System 2005. But IntelliJ IDEA was on their heals which is the IDE I use for writing Java (highly recomended!) but i’m kinda getting into Netbeans as it has some great stuff for creating mobile phone apps.

OOhhh almost forgot. Take a look at VMTM (if you haven’t already), its VMWares “technology network”. Basically you can download a whole range of different VMs and also a FREE VMWare Player. The upshot being you can run Fedorra Core 4, MySQL, Oracle 10g!!, DB2 or even just an “internet browsing VM”! The browsing VM runs firefox so you can browse the web in the safe knowledge that you won’t get any spam installed on your computer, or attacked by any viruses, because if you do all you have to do is delete the VM and restart the fresh copy.

For all my Uni mates! remember David Barnes? Well I was listening to an interview with him on the BlueJ IDE. Its basically a Java learning Tool that Kent Uni has produced to help students learn OO in a visual way without going straight into the code (if only we had it when we were learning!). ANYWAY… Its seems that its soo good microsoft has copied it. The BlueJ team have done an article on their website about it so you can make up your own mind, dialog box for dialog box!. It does look very much like they have used the BlueJ ideas. Just as an aside a special version of Netbeans is being created by Sun which integrates BlueJ more info on Roman Strovl’s blog.

My Digital Compositing Mates! I know a couple of you program java, well there is a new Java framework out for key frame animation and timing. I haven’t tried it out but looks quite cool. More info here, and continued here.

Ok i’m off to bed, go faster caffine tablets on standby for the morning!

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