Ok, maybe not but if the popularity of his 17 year olds video blog is anything to go by there maybe a lot more digital comp artists out there! I think every teenager wants a logitech camera now! :). But it is interesting how motion tracking and even crude home auto blue/green screen compositing programs are appearing to go more and more into main stream. Ok notthing like the quality of shake and the 3D characters are.. hmmm… interesting, but after using shake and the crazy amount of little bugs around the place, and crashing randomly always seemed as a bit of a shaky (no pun intended.. ok maybe I did). Oh which reminds me a couple of people asked me what book to read about digital compositing… you have to get the bible:

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing by Ron Brinkman
The Art and Science of Digital Compositing†
by Ron Brinkman

But don’t get the 1999 version! a new version is just about to come out. This book is a good starting point and gives you a good feel on the technologies used and how compositing works. The book is supposed to be technology independant but definatly has a gearing to Shake.

You Tube†is my link of the day… got loads of funny vids on it…

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