The London eCommerce market is booming at the moment. The last couple of weeks my phone has been red hot from clients wishing to either upgrade there site, or to completley rebuild it! I seem to be turning down a lot more people than usual. Even the people i’ve been passing them on to are too busy.

Oracle has launched Oracle Express Edition (XE) which is basically Oracle 10g database for windows and linux. Its a free version of Oracle with only a couple of limitations. Databases cannot be bigger than 4GB and that it will only use up to 1gb of memory and 1 cpu. Which IMH is great because it stops it from taking over your entire machine as Oracle seems to do. I think its obvious that this release is an attempt to get the MySQL/Open Source users over to Oracle and then getting them to pay for a license when they blast through 4GB of database. BUT the BIG improvement for linux. It used to be a total pain to install Oracle under linux, adding users here, groups their.. but now you just answer a couple of questions and bingo… done.

If you use Skype a lot i’ve found Pamela, its quite a nice extension to Skype which allows you to record conversations and setup a “Press 1 for x, Press 2 for y” type thing, you can also get it to create podcast xml files of recordings you have made but the later requires that you register it, but apart from that its free 🙂

I’ve been kinda interested in the battle between Flash and the Java VM over the last couple of weeks. The Java VM has never really taken off (I think manly because it takes so long to load! :)) but once Sun get openGL working in the VM I think Java will take over Flash… maybe 🙂 Just think, quake running on a Java VM in your browser. More and more good VM services are cropping up like The Switchboard which is an internet VOIP service. Maybe I should be learning Flex just incase? 🙂
Well I haven’t re-installed my lappy for blinking ages and I’ve been pondering if I should or not… but just don’t have the time at the moment so I’ve just found a great little app called JDiskReport. It basically looks at your machine and hunts out large applications or even large files that you have put in random directories which are eating up disk space for no apparent reason and gives you a graphical breakdown. Anyway check it out its a freeware java proggy. My laptop is a litter clearer now 🙂

Ok remember when you got your first computer? Well … hmmm… I don’t think I was that excited. But then it was BBC Electron hand me down 🙂 with the expansion pack on the back so you got a lpt printer port on the back! With the tape player which you had to get the volume exactly right or the games wouldn’t load… the good old days 🙂

Oh and have to leave you with this… yes, Simpsons is to be made into a movie 🙂 and you thought that the repeats on sky were getting anonying 🙂 hoping its good tho!

Anyway me off to bed.. cya.

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