Anyway only three weeks until I dive back to sunney Sydney (well hopefully anyway). Busy trying to get as much done on a project that i’m working on at the moment.

Just found made by fans of Firefox to get people using firefox, some of the vids are quite funny.

I was reading the register and came across this article… I feel a classic 🙂 Copyright Police Train sniffer dogs to find DVDs

Ok, in T-Mobile’s T&Cs it says that your not allowed to use Instant Messanger or any VOIP over there mobiles. Which I think is just not right. If you are going to have an internet enabled then you have the right to use it however you please. If that means connecting to Skipe over your mobile or another VOIP service because its cheaper, then so be it. If they are worried about themselves loosing money then they should either reduce the cost of the calls from the mobile or increase the cost of their internet charges. But hey mobile operators are going to be dead in a couple of years anyway. Nokia has already decided that all new mobiles produced from Nov 2006 will all be wifi ready… so the death of all the mobile carriers in about.. say early 2007 🙂

This is going to be quite cool. Soon you’ll be able to add “notes” from google so you can store links in your google profile. Some screenshots here.

VNC Security Hole! IntelliAdmin has found a hole in VNC, basically anyone can get into the server without typing in a password. They have a proof of concept on the site but its been taken down because the site got overloaded.

Daddy, daddy want one! A Russian foldable helicopter! nice! 🙂

Software Asset ISO Standard

But before you go take a look at this… the World Largest Tetris Game!

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