The BBC Technology Expert

This is a classic! The BBC accidently put on air a cabbie who was waiting to pick someone up from BBC reception. BBC thought he was a technology expert. You have to see the vid for the cabbies reaction! πŸ™‚ You can see the vid here.

More Snow in NZ! Mount Ruapehu has had quite a big first dump, more info at their website.

Ok this is just bizare… the top 10 strangest robots! I particlarily like the Cockroach Controlled mobile robot, and the chair robet that rebuilds itself πŸ™‚ … I just have one question.. Why?

Ok I’ve seen this around before, bit hey it really shows that spelling doesn’t really matter πŸ™‚ If you can read this, you have a strange mind too…

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Linux Bang Commands:

Some cool little linux shortcuts to help ya out. Most modern shells
support csh's bang commands - bash, tcsh and zsh all do.
While some bang commands don't work in all those shells, all of
the following do. The plus side to using them is that no matter
what shell you're using, these shortcuts will work. For the purposes
of these tips, every tip will assume these are the last three
commands you ran:

% which firefox
% make
% ./foo -f foo.conf
% vi foo.c bar.c

Getting stuff from the last command:

Full line:     % !!            becomes:   % vi foo.c bar.c
Last arg :     % svn ci !$     becomes:   % svn ci bar.c
All args :     % svn ci !*     becomes:   % svn ci foo.c bar.c
First arg:     % svn ci !!:1   becomes:   % svn ci foo.c

Accessing commandlines by pattern:

Full line:     % !./f          becomes:   % ./foo -f foo.conf
Full line:     % vi `!whi`     becomes:   % vi `which firefox`
Last arg :     % vi !./f:$     becomes:   % vi foo.conf
All args :     % ./bar !./f:*  becomes:   % ./bar -f foo.conf
First arg:     % svn ci !vi:1  becomes:   % svn ci foo.c

Various shells have options that can affect this.  Be careful
with shells that let you share history among instances.
Some shells also allow bang commands to be expanded
with tabs or expanded and reloaded on the command
line for further editing when you press return.

Interesting sites found this week:
How to write copy for Websites
Screen shots of Firefox Alpha 2
Signs your a crappy developer
This is a nice little use of AJax and Google maps, visual mapping site… kinda cool.

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