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Snowboarding in Whakapapa, New Zealand


I’m just about to start my journey back to the UK but I’m stopping off in New Zealand for a long weekend to go snowboarding in whakapapa with Mike who lives in Auckland. Its DUMPING it down in New Zealand at the moment and the and I just couldn’t quite not go back to the UK without trying out the slopes just once in north island (or mainland as they call it).

Whakapapa is more or less dead centre of the north island of New Zealand, were going to be driving down from Auckland on Friday evening. Hopefully the mountain will be open. I was closed earlier in the week due to “to much snow” 🙂 thats what I like to hear! 🙂 Just a pitty I didn’t have more time to pop down to Wanaka to see the Rookies down there, but treble cone doesn’t open until the end of the month anyway.

Anyway I’ll be back in the UK on tueday. Yupiee can’t wait… (not) but I have to say it is warmer in the UK than it has been in Sydney. It basically rain non-stop for two weeks when I first got here. Also the house i’m in has no heating, well all except a fan heater in my room.

Online 3D Logic game


3D Logic Game

Found quite a good little logic game. Its 30 levels long, the hardest levels I think were 16 & 23… the rest are just fun… not too easy not too hard 🙂

iPod Story Interest


Well the flaming iPod seems to have got a lot of interest. Over 850 diggs at and still rising. Also technorati has quite a few links from people who have posted about it.

I have to admit it was a bit my fault. He was going to chuck it away so I thought hey why not take a quick look to see if we could fix it, worth a try. It was out of warranty, nothing to loose… well maybe a finger :)… he wanted to get an iPod Video anyway. I found the site and started the jabbing 🙂 I just gave up too soon and he carried on. Oh and to the person who asked did we actually fix it 🙂 … no i’m afraid we didn’t. The memorial service will be on Saturday @700 swatch internet time.

Just to get one thing straight it was nothing to do with “Apple’s shoddy workmanship” that resulted in what happend, it was our fault. I think some people didn’t quite get my English sarcastic in jest tone. I think the iPod design is a work of art, amazing engineering.

I’ve found it quite interesting to see how the story has progressed around the internet. A lot of blogs just seem to copy exactly the same text and put the same info on there blog. Others seem to have multiple blogs but all posting the same stories on different domains, I suppose all trying to get that little bit higher in the google rankings so that they can brag to their friends.

Anyway here are a couple of selected comments from around the web about the story which I thought were quite amusing:

  • “ipod shuffle wins battle with knife wielding owner”
  • iPod shuffle 1-0 Angry customer
  • And this, children, is why Apple tell us not to eat the iPod Shuffle.
  • [Using a knife:] That’s what hammers are for.
  • fryPod (TM)
  • originaly known as “Melting Pod”
  • Kentucky fried shuffle
  • The “Mission Impossible” iPod
  • “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to listen to audio files… This iPod Shuffle will self destruct in ten seconds after being opened and tampered with.”
  • Does it smell like warm, fresh Apple Pie?
  • He should’ve taken apples advice for when their products break. “buy a new one”

I actually never knew quite how explosive lithium iron batteries could be. I knew that you are not allowed to bin them or chuck them on a fire, I thought this was more to do with their corrosiveness and reactivity of the chemicals when burnt. Someone posted a video of one going off in an experiment:

Lithium iron battery over-charging experiment

How not to fix an iPod shuffle


A friend of mine has an iPod shuffle … or should I say, DID. Mentioning no names, he decided to hunt out a site to see if he could fix it himself as it was out of warranty. He dived onto Google and found a site all about opening up his ipod.

He quickly checks to make sure his iPod is defiantly dead by plugging it into his laptop, looking back probably a bad move, mainly because he got straight into “fixing it” and didn’t let it discharge but we will never fully know :).

Using a metal knife he started to ease the bottom of the case off… then with a kind of jabbing notion started to hack at it 🙂 well then he must have hit a small capacitor and I found him running around the room swearing and screaming like a school girl wondering what to do. The iPod basically exploded in his face and caught fire, sparks flying and thick black smoke, and in the end he placed it on an electric fan, which in turn started to turn black from the smoke and heat coming out of the tiny little ipod…

I feel there are two morals of the story:

1) Apple made the iPod shuffle in a way for it not to be opened… there is a reason for this!
2) Project Managers should never think of themselves as “Hardware Engineers”.

The Dead iPod:
Broken iPod after it explodedBroken iPod after it explodedBroken iPod after it exploded

The Caterpillar Wish Australian film


As I’m in sydney I thought i’d take the chance to take a look at some Oz films, its also Sydney Film Festival down here… so expecting the worst I headed to the cinema. In Oz they seem to show a lot more home grown films than in the UK. I’m not 100% sure that its not because of political reasons, so I went in expecting a “the government has told us to show at least 10% of our films as Oz films as this is all we could find” type film. But I was presently surprised. The acting was good (mostly), the cinematography could have been a bit better in places but overall a really good piece of work! Better than The Da Vinci Code and that had a blockbuster budget! Well kept be more gripped anyway, prolly because i’d read the book before but hey! :).

You can take a look at the trailer at the Caterpillar Wish website. Just hope its one of the very few Oz movies that gets out of the country. But so far no release dates, maybe see if I can salvage a DVD when/if it gets released.

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