I’m back in Syndey after a rather long flight. I went via San Fran and had to wait in San Fran for 5 hours. I was flying with United whose airplanes are as old as anything! I did notice one of the flight crew using their mobile as we landed too, I know they are now thinking of making mobiles usable on planes but I still thought it was “illegal”.

Mikal is coming over from NZ for the weekend as its a bank holiday in NZ this weekend. Need to buy a bed tho! 🙂 I’ll post some pictures of ma house when I get their! 🙂

Anyway just chilling out in Sydney Central. I’m working for a UK client out here for a bit and my plan is to sort out my show reel while i’m here too. Anyway time to hunt out some food… starving, i’ve been living of airplane food for the past 24hrs… not good. I do remember when I first flew and thought that plane food was amazing coming in different little containers etc. Think i’ve changed now 🙂

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