Laptop in bits

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while I had a small problem with my laptop (I think the photo shows you why!). They always say things come in threes. My laptop harddisk died on me last week, I had a loverly time running around Sydney trying to find a replacement hard disk. I’ve spent the last week trying to recover my data, that of course I had carefully backed up! 🙂 ok most of it but not all!

I’m sure everyone knows about The Universal Law of Gravitation, but the same thing can be shown in class rooms. You may be witness to The Second law of Gravitation.

“Students will gravitate towards the back of the class room. The seats in front fill up last.”

The only reason I think that this happens is so that the students don’t get picked out by the tutor or just don’t want to get eye balled by the tutor. But I generally prefer to be at the front. Less distractions on whats going on and also its a lot harder to dig out a book when you get bored :).

It turns out that if you sit at the front or down the centre of the class your more likely to retain more information. Research shows that people placed randomly in the front and down the centre of the room will retain not just 10% more infromation but almost twice as much!

At Uni I remember a mate of mine who sat right at the front of the lecture hall. Unfortunatly for him he fell asleep. The lecturer then walked up to him and slapped the table next to his sleeping head. He awoke to see the entire lecture hall looking at him. From that day on my mate religously stayed at the back of the lecture hall, for all his lectures. If only the lecturer knew that that one incident could have reduced my mates learning capacity by nearly 50%!

57% 61% 57%
37% 54% 37%
41% 51% 41%
31% 48% 31%

How to snowboard for free in Austria
This is a clip about how a couple of snow bums stayed in Austria (one of the most expensive resorts in Europe) for the season for free. I especially like the ketchup soup!

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