Last year saw and upserge in people going to the cinema in the UK, while our US counterparts have been seeing a decline… but don’t worry there is a new cinema on the block! (or idea at least!). Three german companies have come up with “Cinevision 2006”. It runs at a 10 megapixel resolution thats 5000×2000! and you thought your 1080p high def home cinema was good!

Just take a look at the quality and the size of the guy in front of the screen! So when’s it coming to the UK? 🙂 give IMAX a run for its money, ok maybe not 🙂

Cinevision 2006

Just have to be a bit more careful on the rotoscoping! people will REALLY see your mistakes up big! 🙂

More Cinevision 2006 photos can be found here.
You can see more information of the Cinevision 2006 here.

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