As I’m in sydney I thought i’d take the chance to take a look at some Oz films, its also Sydney Film Festival down here… so expecting the worst I headed to the cinema. In Oz they seem to show a lot more home grown films than in the UK. I’m not 100% sure that its not because of political reasons, so I went in expecting a “the government has told us to show at least 10% of our films as Oz films as this is all we could find” type film. But I was presently surprised. The acting was good (mostly), the cinematography could have been a bit better in places but overall a really good piece of work! Better than The Da Vinci Code and that had a blockbuster budget! Well kept be more gripped anyway, prolly because i’d read the book before but hey! :).

You can take a look at the trailer at the Caterpillar Wish website. Just hope its one of the very few Oz movies that gets out of the country. But so far no release dates, maybe see if I can salvage a DVD when/if it gets released.

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