I’m just about to start my journey back to the UK but I’m stopping off in New Zealand for a long weekend to go snowboarding in whakapapa with Mike who lives in Auckland. Its DUMPING it down in New Zealand at the moment and the and I just couldn’t quite not go back to the UK without trying out the slopes just once in north island (or mainland as they call it).

Whakapapa is more or less dead centre of the north island of New Zealand, were going to be driving down from Auckland on Friday evening. Hopefully the mountain will be open. I was closed earlier in the week due to “to much snow” 🙂 thats what I like to hear! 🙂 Just a pitty I didn’t have more time to pop down to Wanaka to see the Rookies down there, but treble cone doesn’t open until the end of the month anyway.

Anyway I’ll be back in the UK on tueday. Yupiee can’t wait… (not) but I have to say it is warmer in the UK than it has been in Sydney. It basically rain non-stop for two weeks when I first got here. Also the house i’m in has no heating, well all except a fan heater in my room.

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