Well I did my snowboarding trip, here are a couple of photos:

Ski/Snowboarding Pals
Saturday night in Ohakune

On the hill On the mountain

Well that was a week ago and i’m still in Auckland, really good snow! and its still snowing!! It takes about 3hrs to drive to Ohakune and then about 30mins driving up the mountain… or should I say volcano… BUT it only went active about 10 years ago and wipped the lift system and mountain cafes off the face of the mountain one… but you try not to think about that 🙂

I’ve now got a flat on the docks right next to the centre of Auckland. It takes about 10mins to walk into the centre of town. Out here its so cheap, there is no council tax and the top rate of tax is 33% and no national insurance so its basically another 10% cheaper. You do have to pay doctors fees which is about 10 per visit but you can get insurance for around 20 a month which covers everything.

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