Its been a while!… almost a month infact. I’ve been a bit crazy with work recently… and having fun snowboarding at the weekends too. Anway found a couple of interesting things this month…
Found this cool vid on This guy gets around the world showing off his expert dancing skills! 🙂
Online game. Its quite easy until you get to level 16 & 23 which I got stuck on for a bit… think its already done the rounds but its quite fun.
This is a great site if you want to learn Ruby, you can even download a ruby virtual machine from VMTNso your up and developing in… well the amount of time it takes to download! ooh how I love VMs 🙂
You can now get Google Maps on yamobile, you can plot a route and evensee itvia satelite too. I used to use wap to get rail times quite a bit. Every now and again I always wanted to get maps on my phone too, but now you can 🙂

Finally I give an award to the most “inventive” post to the iPod Shuffle story:

Hi. The iPod was shorted out by a cabal of Jewish engineers who perfected the science of invisibility and secretly control the entire universe including Burger King, but not McDonalds. They call to me hypersonically from the little holes in the electrical sockets telling me to produce movies about phony messiahs who didnt really exist. The dead iPod is NOT an example of the Holocaust although their are millions of dead iPods which have been burried in mass graves in Croatia. Hi, sugartits.

Truely bizare!

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