A mate of mines brother has just released a new album. Ok it was released last month but I didn’t know then :). Ben Smyth is the bassist in Rooster... its quite good you can hear some snippets from their website. They have quite a big following in Japan but I don’t know about in the UK and elsewhere but it looks like they are doing quite well, go buy the music!! 🙂

Ok this is cool, its visual look of flight paths going over the US, using US flight data over a 24hr period.. over 19000 planes in the air at a peak time!!

I’ve re-found pimpthatsnack.com a great website with recipes for “pimping up your snack” … I think a mate created a huge cookie using a recipe on the site. I am going to make the kitkat bar! so watch out supermarket, here I come!! 🙂

Synthetica is a great easy to use look and feel framework for Java; AT LAST java doesn’t look square, blocky and horrible.

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