Original page image, Old Bailey Proceedings, 11th January, 1797 image number 0028

Its amazing what you find on the internet. But on the 11th January 1797 at the Old Bailey. Look who got arrested for stealing 50 pieces of wood pipe and a wooden boat! In the end jury found him guilty and confined to “The House of Correction” and fined a shilling. I wonder if he is any relation?

On the same day in another case, James Waring (Aged 16.), William Green (Aged 13.) and John Milton (Aged 14.) were all found guilty for:

“burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of John Printon , about the hour of six in the night of the 5th of December, and feloniously stealing a black silk cloak, value 26s. six yards of muslin, value 18s. and a muslin cap, value 1s. the property of the said John ;”

They were all sentenced to death… over 200 years ago.

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