Google has launched Google Code Search. I think you can guess what it does šŸ™‚ interesting … thanks to Rob for the link! I do like the the feature where you can hit ‘p’ or ‘n’ to go to the previous or next search word. i did wonder why they created Google Hosting (actually created with one of the founders of

It is interesting that this week Google Execs this week told their developers to stop creating so many applications and now look at adding features to the existing applications. Also to concentrate on getting them more integrated. It is definatly needed. Yes the spreadsheets app is good but I wouldn’t use it. I think if Google should go towards the idea of ThinkFreeOfice, offer a large amount of space to save files I think they can really get into the thin client integrated enterprise space. Create and edit any of your files in word, excel, powerpoint, calendar and email and allow them to be shared to whoever you want at any time. Powerful! šŸ™‚ Oh and if there was a calender integration for Outlook, i’d use it! …

Windows Vista RC2 has been released for anyone to download it! It will be the last release before it goes into production. Here are some screenshots of Vista. Its nice… very Mac like šŸ™‚

Firefox 2 RC2 has been released – quite a few new features but its more stable, i’m hoping they have fixed the memory leaks which seem to plage me!

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