This years Christmas party was in Sydney on a sea cat going around the Sydney bays. It was a themed fancy dress, we all had to come from a country but the country couldn’t be where you were born and couldn’t be taken by someone else… so I went as….

The Phantom of the Opera costume

Yes, the phantom of the opera! .. it was either that or a french maid!

Dean went as “Chile” and Joy the new zealander went as scotland:

Joy as Scotland and Dean as Chile

Yannis won the costume competition, I don’t know what country he came as… I don’t think anyone cared, he came as a maid. The funniest moment was when we all had to walk from the hotel to darling harbour to pick up the boat. The looks from the Japaneese tourists was priceless! also the wolf whisles and the bemused faces of people as he walked by:

Yannis the maid

Other photos:

pic_0054.jpg pic_0060.jpg pic_0061.jpg pic_0062.jpg 

Demiti works for GT in Jakarta, Indonesia and it was his first time outside the country… and the first time he has seen how we party… never seen a christmas cracker before… generally in shock most of the night 🙂 but he did get into the swing of things. He managed to borrow a couple of elements of costumes from different people to make his own costume:


Picture from the boat looking back at Sydney:

Sydney harbour at night

My Crimbo Hamper:

My Christmas Hamper

Video to come!


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