The one thing that is quite hard to come by in Auckland is a book shop that sells books. Well books I actually want to buy. If you dive into a regular Auckland book superstore for example American borders, you would think they would have some technical computer books. You ask the counter staff nicely where they have the computer books … they look at you blankly for a bit and then say that maybe if you go down to the basement and look in the disused lavatory with the stuffed iguana you may get a couple. You head down and you do find one shelf that has been dedicated to “computer books” but they are the idiots guide to office and things like that. So you hunt around the web for a new Zealand online book shop which sells… books that you want… and you fail. So you end up ordering them from US Which I have now done BUT I thought it might be an idea to check out the customs charges for bringing books in, and found this:

Private Importers Custom Charges

Ok books are free… yupiee! but look at the other stuff! Golf balls are free, golf clubs are free yet golf bags are $7? “Linen – table cloths” are $5 yet “Linen – Kitchen Linen” is free?? and what about the lego?! $7 for lego bricks?!!! Bizarre!

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